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Gorgeous teen wants to learn how to have unprotected sex

It was a quiet day here at the hospital and my next patient was running late, but when she entered the room I didn't mind as she was a stunningly cute eighteen year old. She had come for a basic health check and also said she had some questions for me. I was quite surprised when she wanted to ask me how to have unprotected sex safely without the risk of getting pregnant. I told her that there were ways but if she wasn't on birth control then she should not do it as there are lots of health risks associated with unprotected sex. Just thinking of this cute woman having bareback sex was giving me quite the hard on and I needed to see her body naked. I got her to undress and took her over to the examining table for a better view. As I felt her firm flesh my cock was really stiffening and I needed to get her deep inside her. I asked if I could check her vagina and she replied that I could and I slid some fingers into her and she gasped with pleasure. She was getting so turned on by my skilful touch that she bent my head down and kissed me on the lips as my fingers were still inside her. She told me that I had the experience to show her how to have unprotected sex and I knew I was going to fuck her. What followed was one of my best fucks in the clinic ever, as I fucked this amazing eighteen year old all over my office in all sorts of positions. After she had orgasmed several times I could not hold back any longer and I pulled out just in time to blow my nuts all over her stomach and tits. What a fucking amazing day, I'll be wanking over this for a long time to come.

September 18, 2015
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