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Doctor helps petite euro chicks back ache with a dose of hot sex

With my wife turning up at work the other day accusing me of cheating, I maybe should cut out my special consultations for a while? So I cancelled a few top slots, only to have a petite cute blonde walk in my office asking about physiotherapy. If I let this go, my dick would never speak to me again. So I told her my colleague that practices Physiotherapy was on holiday, and that I could stand in for him? She agreed, and I set about treating her back ache. I showed her a few stretching exercises where I purposely brushed my cock across her hands and gently massaged her thigh, hip and buttocks. After which she asked if I could give her harder massage. How could I refuse? During this massage she eased my hands over her tits to massage those too. From here it was game set and match. The pain in her back soon passed through a mixture of gentle and deep pussy fucking. Her sweet shaven pussy was amazing and it took all my might to hold off filling it with spunk. In the end I laid her on the examining table, pulled out and shot cum all over her tits and pussy. I'd made such an impact with my stretching, massages and fucking she wanted a re-appointment as soon as possible. Roll on Monday morning!

August 21, 2015
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