Slim blonde uses her sexy body and tongue to get a job - Fakehospital

Slim blonde uses her sexy body and tongue to get a job

This super sexy, slim blonde strolled into the office saying she had been sent to see me to inquire after a job as a nurse here at the hospital. I don't have any job vacancies at this time but one of my nurses would be going on maternity leave in the near future and it soon transpired she was a friend of my other nurse Tracy, who had told her we would be looking for someone when that time came. I proceeded with the interview, but I was a bit nervous as I wasn't sure exactly how much Tracy had told her of what goes on here at the hospital. I needn't have worried, as she began to flirt with me more and more I understood that Tracy had told her everything and she wanted to make sure that I gave her the job when the opportunity arose. It wasn't long before we were locked in an embrace and then she was pulling my trousers down as she eagerly stuffed my cock into her mouth. This job interview was in full swing and she was very impressive. I got her onto my desk so I could taste her pussy which was wet with desire. This woman was driving me wild and I could resist no longer and I slid my cock deep into her velvet pussy. We fucked in a few positions, maneuvering around the office as she did her best to impress her boss. If she works half as good as she fucks she will fit right in here. She got me so excited that when it was time to blow my load it shot high into the air and all over the office. I can definitely say that she was successful and she'd be hearing from us very soon.

July 17, 2015
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