Brunette in tight fit nurse outfit fucks her patient - Fakehospital

Brunette in tight fit nurse outfit fucks her patient

I was sitting in for the doctor when in walks this guy, I wasn't expecting anyone. He had a hot tattoo and an even hotter beard. I love a man with a beard, gives me something to cling on to! So, he tells me he needs to see the doctor about getting a certificate to say his eye sight is fine to fly a plane. I told him obviously being a professional I can't just give him a certificate if he isn't fit to fly! We came to a mutual agreement though, I got up from my desk and walked over to him seductively, looking in to his eyes. I spread my legs on got on top of him, looking directly in to his eyes the whole time. Then I got him to remove my tight outfit, pull off my bra and suck on my tits! He got up, took me over to the bed, took off his shorts and let me suck his hard cock! He takes control of the situation, he pulls me up, I take off my skimpy panties and get on the bed, he fucked me so hard, his eyes fixated between looking at his dick going in and out of my pussy and watching my tits bounce around! I wanted to taste his dick again so I got him to lie down on the bed and lick my pussy whilst I give him a blowjob to remember! We fucked in a ton of different position before he came all over my tits! All in a days work!

July 14, 2015
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