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Sexual Healing Treatment Prescribed

Today a beautiful young blonde Nathaly Cherie came into my office needing a bit of my expertise, in the form of some sexual healing. I knew her from way back, but since I last saw her, she'd matured into a beautiful young woman. The whole time we caught up, I couldn't take my eyes off Nathaly's sexy body, especially those big boobs. It was a bit awkward at first examining her flawless, shaved pussy on my table, but Nathaly was so easygoing she made the first move and reached out for my hardening cock. I don't know where Nathaly learned to suck dick like such a pro, but after giving me a sloppy blowjob, I fucked Nathaly on the examining table. By the time we were done, I'd nailed this hot blonde in every position and sent her off to the specialist with a satisfied smile on her face.

May 27, 2016
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