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Nurse Seduces Computer Technician

When I called in a request for tech support to look at my busted computer, the technician arrived almost as soon as I called in. While he was fiddling with my computer, I couldn't help notice his muscular figure, or the way he was checking me out. When Joshua told me he'd daydreamed about my ass since my last IT call, I had to make my move, and undid my top to let him feast his eyes on my breasts. After some more banter, I saw a way to get my hands all over his hard body, so I told him to get on my table to let me check out his sore spots. Seducing him was a breeze once I got him on my table, and I was able to feel his cock stiffen in my mouth, then fuck this handsome dreamboat all over my office!

April 19, 2016
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