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Doctor Gives Sex Support to Patient

I don't handle a lot of referrals for plastic surgery in my clinic, but when Ivana Sugar came in wanting a bit of work done in "an intimate place" I had to hear her out. First of all, I asked Ivana to tell me everything that she didn't like about her pussy, and then I asked if I could see it for myself. When I got a good look for myself, all I could think was how badly I'd like to put my tongue against the perfectly plump lips of her cunt. The only problem came when I told the poor girl how much her eventual procedure would cost, and she was stunned to hear it. The next thing I knew, Ivana had taken off all of her clothes, and crawled under my desk to suck my cock. Stupid me, I let her seduce me right there in my office, and after we finished fucking on my desk, I had agreed to give her all the money she needed!

April 15, 2016
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