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Skinny blonde takes doctors advice

My next patient booked had booked a appointment for a flu vaccination as she was feeling very light headed and lack of strength, I said the best way for us to get the right medication is to do sensitivity tests as this is directly connected to the bodies stimulus system. The lady seemed not convinced but I proceeded with the tests, while I was touching her breasts she then asked me if this was a joke and did not want to proceed any further, I of course said no problem and if she could just wait in reception I would book another appointment with her regular doctor. But I was not letting this one go my cock was hard and I wanted to finish what we started so I sent the nurse to have a chat with her and let her know it was all above board. With words of wisdom from my trusted assistant I was back on track and could not wait to get her naked and seduced with my charm.

March 13, 2015
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