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Sexy patient has a big surprise for the dirty doctor

Well I certainly didn't expect that this morning, it came out of left field indeed. When the patient walked in I kind of recognized her, but I wasn't sure exactly where from. When she said that I had helped her with her pregnancy it slowly started to dawn on me what she was about to say. When she came in 15 months previously she had complained of being unable to get pregnant with her boyfriend. She asked about artificial insemination and I offered her my very own fertile seed as a replacement for his own. She could then bring the child up together with the boyfriend being none the wiser and she would not have the expense of more hospital appointments. She agreed and we made sweet passionate love in my office. But now she was back to tell me she had given birth and the child was mine. I was very nervous at this point as I asked what she was doing back here today. Had her boyfriend found out and left, would she be after child support? I started to break into an uneasy sweat and felt like I needed a visit to the doctor myself. But then she simply said it was such good sex last time that she had returned for more, but preferably unfertilized this time. Happy days, she just wanted some more of my cock and she was looking as hot as she did last time with the glow of motherhood surrounding her. My schedule was clear for the afternoon and I sat her on my desk as I went down on her to lick her pussy. This healing session was on and I was going to have to be at the top of my game to make sure I was as impressive the second time round.

December 29, 2014
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