Doctor empties his sack to ease sexy patients pain in her back - Fakehospital

Doctor empties his sack to ease sexy patients pain in her back

I was sitting at the nurses reception just filling in my working hours on the calender when this woman burst in like a wrecking ball, clearly agitated and pissed off. Apparently my colleague had arranged a appointment with her and then he had gone home early without cancelling it. She was furious, and even in her anger I could see she was beautiful. I tried to calm her down and to convince her not to call the manager of the hospital. I told her that I could help her with whatever her problem was today. She said she had a problem with her back and I bent over her the desk so I could examine it. She had calmed down considerably and started flirting with me outrageously, telling me how pleasant my hands felt, how handsome a doctor I was and asking if I was married or not. To cut a long story short, I soon had her panties down round her ankles as I licked her delicate pussy from behind whilst she was still bent over the nurses desk. Her pussy tasted divine and she had a beautiful ass that my hungry hands squeezed and kneaded. I entered her form behind and began to fuck her hard, her tightness gripping and milking my cock. Her back pain seemed a distant memory as we fucked in several positions. After sucking my cock with her talented mouth she had two amazing orgasms, the first as she rode me in the chair and the second when I had her sprawled on the desk as I licked her pussy with wild abandon. She was exhausted by now and my balls were fit to burst, so after fucking her mouth a little bit more I bent her back over the desk and fucked her hard from behind. I soon felt my cum rise up through my cock and I pulled out just in time to splash me medical sauce all over her amazing ass cheeks. Emptying my sack certainly seemed to help ease the pain in her back.

June 5, 2015
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