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Sexy Russian Doesn't Have Insurance

My secretary and nurse Tracy is a pure blonde. We were chatting when an unexpected patient walked through my door, yet another patient Tracy had forgotten to mark in my diary. It was a pleasant surprise though, as this patient was a strikingly beautiful Russian who spoke perfect Czech. She had just married her husband who was Czech and needed a full medical report for her future employers. I could see that Tracy fancied her as much as I did, but I was determined to have her first, so I sent Tracy away as I began my medical checkup of this sexy Russian beauty. As I checked her temperature with a thermometer up her ass, I told her that actually her basic insurance cover did not cover this checkup and that it was a very expensive process. She asked what were her options, and I told her if she was nice to me, I would give her the medical report she needed without involving the insurance company. Still slightly reluctant at first, she soon realized it made sense and I was sliding my cock between those luscious Russian lips. She was so horny and hot that I was going to have to really control my cock so it didn't blast all over her straight away. Her first orgasm was intense as I fucked her deep and hard on the examining table, with her arms wrapped around my neck and her pussy convulsing and clenching on my deeply buried cock. From that moment on it was pure pleasure in my office as we fucked everywhere. She was an amazing fuck, she had one lucky husband and after praising my self on my cock control, I pulled out just in time and coated her ass cheeks with my doctors healing salve. This session wasn't over quite yet though, I wasn't the only admirer of this Russian beauty and what Tracy wants Tracy gets. To be continued...

October 16, 2014
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