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Horny Mature Woman Confesses Sexual Secret To Doctor

This woman was a very attractive mature lady and you could tell she had a very good upbringing, and this instantly gave me a hard on. As her husband is a much older gentleman he has been unable to perform her marital duties and so the lady started fucking the young gardener at their home. This was not a problem though until she started having a burning and tingling sensation from her vagina. I suspect that this young gardener has had his hands in many of his customers flower beds and now she has caught a minor sexual disease. This can be easily cured with some medication and oils, but first I thought it was only fair to get a good idea of the problem by gently slipping my fingers into her pussy. Then when she was very aroused I stuck my face between her legs and run my tougue all over her pussy and ass hole. It was not long then before I gave her a full subscription of my medical talents.

April 24, 2014
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