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Sex prescribed by hot nurse

I had a patient arrive this morning who had sustained a nasty arm injury whilst playing football. He was here to see the doctor whom he had seen before and was just coming in for a check up to see how it was healing. I took a few basic notes before asking him to remove his shirt. I had a look and took him over to the examination table where I tested his sensitivity. All seemed to be normal. Then, almost from nowhere, he come up behind me and gently grabs my hips! I told him that this was no way to test sensitivity! So he sat back down and I went behind the desk. But my mind began to wander…I started gently rubbing my foot against his leg and found it slowly creeping up towards his groin region. He started rubbing my foot gently. I was so turned on. I had to have this guy! I got up, walked around to him and sat on the desk, he lifted up my skirt and started licking my pussy! This was a different day at work to say the least! He came over to where my mouth was and stuck his cock in! I love giving a guy a blowjob upside down! I know what he really wanted though. He wanted his dick thrusting in and out of my pussy. So, we went over to the examination table and he started fucking me hard from behind! I had to keep quiet though, even though I just wanted to scream in ecstasy! He got on a stool in the middle of the room and I slipped my pussy over his hard cock and gave him the best ride he’s ever had! We finished just where we started, he emptied his load all over my mouth and face! A different day indeed.

March 25, 2016
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