Brunette turns a massage tool into a sex toy - Fakehospital

Brunette turns a massage tool into a sex toy

This lady was a amateur dancer and you could tell by her body, but after a fall when dancing her left leg was giving her pain so she called in to the clinic. After discussing some medical history I then got her on the examining table where I could see her in more detail. I decided to give her a massage tool that helps to relieve any pain to bruised areas. I then get a call and need to leave the office for a few minutes, then to my surprise when I returned I noticed my patient was rubbing her pussy with the instrument and by the looks of it was very pleased with the results. I then proceeded with the treatment making sure I was gently caressing over her pussy and across her ass hole, she responded with much delight. Soon she had my big cock in her mouth while playing with her pussy. I gazed down with much delight as my cock was slowly sliding into her mouth.

February 6, 2014
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