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Gorgeous blonde sales rep has a unique selling technique

Victoria was a stunning blonde with a great personality who had been coming into the hospital on a regular basis to sell me medical equipment. It was always a pleasure to watch her gorgeous figure enter the room, even on a day like today, where I was suffering from the worst hangover in the world. I'd always picked up on a good vibe between us as she always flirted endlessly with me. She had some back massages to sell and in order to land a good order with me she was way over the top with her flirtation. I asked if I could try the product on her and to cut a long story short, she sweetened the deal by throwing in her pussy. If I promised to purchase lots of these products off her I would get to suck and fuck her tight wet hole. Sounded like the deal of the century to me and she was soon sucking my all beef thermometer. We even managed to include the back massager in our amazing fuck session.

February 3, 2014
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