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Doctor fucks his ex girlfriend

We all have that old flair. Sometimes you can be at work going about your daily life and then suddenly, it hits you. A blast from the past. Well, that happened to me today. My old lover, Tera, came walking on in to my surgery. It was so good to see her, things hadn’t been going so well for me personally at the moment so it was a real pick me up. We talked about old times and how different things have become. We had a really nice chat. But, she was here about a medical problem and I am the consummate professional. She was having some problems with her back so I went up behind her and asked her to take her top off, nothing I hadn’t seen before in this case! I then asked her to remove her bra, again she was very comfortable despite our past relations. After a brief examination I sat on the desk and we went over her symptoms. But it was all coming back, I found myself stroking her hair and she was urging me to come closer and closer…and before I knew it, we were kissing! It felt so good to be with her again! I wanted her so badly, we ripped off our clothes before I buried my head in to her soft, wet pussy! I lay her down on the desk before slipping my cock deep inside! I picked her up and fucked her right there in the middle of the room, my cock sliding in and out of her pussy! I finished by cumming all over her stomach and tits. This was a day I will never forget.

February 9, 2016
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