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Doctor prescribes sperm treatment

A patient arrived this morning complaining of stomach pains. She'd been having them for 6 months, amazed she didn't come to me sooner! We went over a few preliminary questions but I really had to conduct a thorough physical examination. I asked her to remove her clothes and to lie down on the bench. She didn't look like she had too much wrong with her! Incredible body! Anyway, I took a closer look but I wasn't going to be able to find out for sure what was causing the pain. She then asked me if it would be okay to ask me something personal. I said of course, you can ask me anything. She enquired as to whether repeatedly swallowing sperm on a daily basis might cause the problem. A little stunned, I said I'd never come across that before but with repeated swallowing it might do but I was very sceptical about it. She told me how much she liked the taste of it. Then she said she'd like to taste my sperm...What do you say to that?!? She sits up and kisses me, gets on her knees and pulls my cock out of my trousers! I was amazed! She pulls down her panties and wants me to eat her pussy from behind! Then I wanted to fuck her. All over the room. We fucked on the bench, on the floor, on the desk. Anywhere we could. Then she demanded to taste my sperm. She let me cum all over her face and in her mouth! This was one satisfied patient!

January 29, 2016
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