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Doctor seduces sexy holiday maker

It was late morning when I had an unexpected knock on my door. A beautiful english speaking girl walked in, and said she had made a last minute appointment due to her eye hurting her. She had the correct insurance so there was no problem, I checked her eye, of which there was no real issue, just some swelling. Though I thought it best to give her a thorough examination anyway. As I was asking her to take various clothing off to take her pressure, heart rate etc I could tell she was a very promiscuous girl. When I told her she had a clean bill of health, she asked if I could perhaps give her a real examination. Before I could think about it, she leant in and kissed me passionately. I knew I had no patients booked in so it was all systems go. We snogged some more before stripping each other naked and fucking one another wildly across the office. This was one holiday maker I would not forgot in a hurry, and I hope she enjoys Prague as much as I enjoyed her.

January 26, 2016
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