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Patient gets the sexy treatment

I was glad I came into work this morning when my next patient walked in, he was a young man with a great body and I was hoping to get a good look. He complained about a shoulder injury while working out in the gym, after taking some of his details I asked him to sit on the examination table, where I began running my hands over his strong big arms, I could tell he was enjoying my attention so I then asked him to remove all his clothes. Then I gently run my fingers up over his legs slowly working my way to the top, as I lifted his underwear he lightly gasped as I held his cock in my hand, when I arched my back leaned over, and slowly inched his cock into my wet warm mouth. I could feel his pleasure trembling through his cock, and with his sexy muscles tensing with each slip of my tongue, I wanted to feel him inside now more than ever.

January 19, 2016
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