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Dose of double cum cures tummy ache

Earlier on a pretty model came to see me, to gain a specific health certificate so she could pursue some erotic modelling. Whilst she was here she also mentioned some tummy pain she'd been having, so I asked her if she minded an examination. Moments later she had stripped off to her bra and panties and was laying on the bench. I started feeling around her tummy area but she said the pain was further down. As I reached her pussy she told me to stop. Everything looked okay so I began an internal inspection of her pussy. This must have got her a little turned on, as when we had concluded the examination she grabbed me and begged me to fuck her, saying that was what she needed. I was more than happy to oblige in this alternative therapy. From here it was a blur of eating pussy over the desk, her sucking my cock and me fucking her tight shaven pussy all across the consulting room. I told her she could come back anytime to see me. Though she was coming in the next day at 8am for her health certificate! That might be just a little too soon.

January 12, 2016
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