Rocky relationships lead to hot sex with doctor and nurse - Fakehospital

Rocky relationships lead to hot sex with doctor and nurse

Every time I walk into a room with the hot nurse that works for me, I want to pull aside her knickers and fuck her sweet pussy so badly. Today was no different, expect the room was empty, no patients booked for appointments and many staff were on holidays. If there were ever to be an opportunity this was it. So I sparked up a conversation and quickly found out she had recently been dumped by her boyfriend and was feeling quite lonely. Whilst I have a wife, home life is anything but a piece of cake at the moment. We both realised quite quickly that we fancied each other, so I went in for a kiss, which was well received. Within minutes this had progressed to me eating her pussy on the desk, and not long after I was fucking her hard and fast over the same desk. The thought of someone finding us both fucking was a massive turn on. I finished up by unloading a huge load of cum inside her pussy, which slowly oozed out over the reception floor. It was at that second a patient knocked heavily on the door who had been waiting outside. Bollocks! We clambered about getting our clothes on as quickly as possible, and I then sat at the desk waiting for the patient to come in. To be continued...

October 2, 2015
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